Able to supply and service the following equipments…

Tractor Parts and Accessories Shovel Parts and Accessories
Cable Sheaves
Dragline Pins
Dragline Chains
Dragline Clevis
Clamshell Buckets
Power Shovel Transmissions
- Shovel Ring Gears
- Shovel Swing Gears
- Horizontal Travel Gears
- House Rings
- Shafts
Ditchers and Hole
Post Hole Augers
Asphalt Mixers and Pavers

Rebuilding and Hard-facing Crusher Roll Shells
Initial Rebuild and Hard-face of Shells
General Recommendations
When to Reapply Hard-facing
Rebuilding Shells with the Manual Process
Rebuilding Procedure
Hard-facing Crusher Shells with the Manual Process

Wear and Heat-Resistant Parts for Cement Plant that we can supply

Able to Provide Wear and Heat-Resistant Parts

Offering a Full Line of Parts for Rod, Ball and Semi-Autogenous Grinding Mills

Shell Liners
We offer many choices in design and alloys for all popular mills, ranging from traditional wave styles to step liners, classifying liners and SAG mill liners.

Trunnion Liners
Not many foundries are capable of making trunnion liners. Columbia Steel is well suited for producing trunnion liners of any size and accurately machining them in our 70,000 square foot machine shop.

straight, Full Curved, and Straight with Curved Ends Jaws
As viewed from the side, we offer Straight, Curved and Straight with Curved End jaw plates. Selection depends on nip angle needed for the feed material, wear patterns, and product sizing.

Smooth and Toothed Jaws
We offer Smooth and many different Toothed Styles, including Sharp and Round Tooth designs.

High and Anti-Slab Teeth Jaws
These styles are effective in breaking sedimentary rock and in recycling road materials.

Roll Crushers
Standard Roll Shells are also produced, although most customers choose our Oversize and Heavy Center Roll Shells because of the their longer life and resistance to caving. Smooth, Cleated and Corrugated surfaces are offered. Our standard manganese steel offers toughness and wears resistance with good weldability. We also produce Side Plates.

Standard and premium alloys
Jaw crusher plates and parts are available in our tough standard manganese steel and premium manganese steel.

We produce Hammers in One and Two-Piece styles, Grates, Breaker Blocks, Side Liners, Breaker Hubs, Complete

Rotor Assemblies, Top Cover Liners and Throat Collars