Our Strengths

Our strengths

How we add value for clients

  1. Improve machinery service life
    By applying a tougher metal on the base metal of machineries employing hard facing procedure, we effectively extend the service life of plant and equipment by approximately 30-50%, helping clients to achieve ROI from plant assets
  2. Reduce plant down time
    Our hard facing procedure has distinctive track record of improving durability of machineries, reducing plant down time for breakdown or maintenance and thus ensuring smooth operation in production line
  3. Increase productivity while reducing unit cost
    The increase in reliability and productivity of plant and equipment will enhance the production process and reduce unit cost of production, improving clients’ profitability and competitiveness in market
  4. Gain competitive advantage
    Having efficient plant and equipment with excellent productivity, our clients enjoy the boost in bottom line while gaining competitive advantage over industry competitors
  5. Minimize negative environmental impact
    Our reclamation service enables clients to maximise all resources by prolonging the service life of plant, reducing negative impact on the environment from disposing substantial industry waste